April 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Vive la France!

  • The usually breathtaking Palaise du Longchamp being under construction the one day we're in France. I had basically dislocated my hip walking up the hill to this castle in heels, so I was pretty disappointed. Guess we'll just have to go back sometime!
  • Also, my hip. I am way too young for this.
  • Being happy about getting holes in my clothes because it means I can throw them out instead of trying to pack them back up next month!
  • The combination of head cold and throat cancer that is the French language. I . . . I mean, yes, honey, of course all languages are beautiful . . .
  • Remember how I just said in last week's A&A that I hadn't had an IC flare-up in forever? I guess they were saving up, because Saturday night marks the worst flare I have ever had in my life.
  • Getting up at 5:30am to catch a 6:20 train that would get us back to Avila in time for 4.5 hours of classes.
  • Not a single street light on the street where our hostel was located. Sketchiest ever!
  • The look of disgust we got from every French person who realized we a) did not speak French and b) were Americans.
  • The blasted cold weather here while Rochester basks in 80-degree rays!
  • Forgetting to post this awesome list of creative, must-try date ideas to Facebook and Twitter yesterday.

  • Taking a romantic day trip to France with my hubby. A day trip. To France. For just a day. Just because we can!
  • The couldn't-have-wished-for-better weather in Marseilles while it was raining here in Spain :-)
  • Seaside cities/towns. I can't get enough of that salty sea air.
  • A tourist train around the coast of France and up to the Notre Dame de la Garde. Such beautiful Mediterranean views.
  • Growing up without TV. Now I feel so spoiled whenever I stay anywhere that has cable!
  • Interview with Eugenio Merino today! (via email, ho-hum) Would ave been nice to meet him in person. He's causing quite a stir here.
  • Shorts. When I can wear them.
  • Getting offered a job as a writing tutor back at Roberts. I've wanted to do this for so long!
  • The lovely Maria letting us crash at her place in Madrid while we waited to catch our mad early train. Hope to see you again really soon, girl!
  • Gourmet dinner on the French Riviera Tuesday night. Yeah, that happened. 
  • Going home to our loved ones in less than a month :-)


  1. I want to go to France, for a day! gosh. My best friend just returned home from France last week. I'm wanting to see France now:P

    1. I would definitely recommend Marseille! It has all the class of Paris with a seaside charm you can't get anywhere except the Mediterranean.


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