April 12, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Eat Your Heart Out

I swear I didn't plan this, but more than half of today's awkwards and awesomes have to do with food. Contrary to what this post may imply, I'm not a fat hog who does nothing but dream about food all day. I promise. If anything, this is a nudge from God for me to stop taking pictures of my Spanish food and make a freaking post about it already.

  • Missing the Easter Sunday service because we left the house at the wrong time. Three different times. None of them right.
  • Realizing that the muffin I took out of the cupboard was over a month old . . . and eating it anyway.
  • All of the Facebook friends who needed to be reassured after seeing this picture of Josh on the internet. It's a European tradition from centuries prior to white supremacy issues in the US. Okay, people?
  • How many cookies I eat during a typical breakfast.
  • You know how rice and beans are a really stereotypically Spanish food? Stereotypes exist for a reason. Too much fiber!
  • The subjunctive verbal mood. Don't know what it is? Yeah, neither does anyone else. But we have to learn it. In Spanish.
  • Being told to write a Spanish rap for my Spain Today class.
  • My borrowed umbrella going all Mary Poppins on me in the windy rainstorm yesterday.
  • Finding out that Kinder is illegal in the United States. How can you make Nutella in solid chocolate and cookie form illegal??? What kind of person are you???

  • Talking with Carmen's adorable relatives at Easter Dinner. 
  • Holidays mean desserts in Spain, something we don't normally get :-) 
  • My friends Bre and Allie live with Colombians and get fruit juice with dinner. Like, pineapple and strawberry banana. So jeally. It's water or coffee for us "Spaniards."
  • Tomorrow being Friday the 13th and me not being superstitious :-D
  • Celtic Women. Voices of angels and a violinist who is a pure Celtic sprite. Have you seen this girl frolicking about as she fiddles to her heart's content? Makes me miss Ireland.
  • So I found this art and design blog, and it is colossal. No, seriously. ThisIsColossal.com
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs in our Easter candy package from my mom <3
  • Just realized today that with all of the coffee, citrus, and other highly acidic, salty, and/or spicy foods I regularly consume here in Spain, I still have been IC flare-up free for almost two months. Praise God.
  • My husband listening to Michael Ball showtunes all day. By himself :-)
  • Writing my first article for thalo.com.


  1. I for one want to call for a formal investigation into why Kinder is illegal...maybe if we each petition our congressman/congresswoman we can raise awareness and galvanize support?

  2. Haha! I've been amazed by the amount of outraged feedback I've gotten about Kinder. I had no idea so many of my American friends loved it, too!


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