March 5, 2012

"Fountain, Fountain, We Are the Same" (Milan)

Just some interesting details from the Milan trip. Some more "meaty" stuff such as cathedrals and whatnot is coming up on Wednesday!

Milan was beautiful in so many different ways. Both historic and modern neighborhoods . . . both urban and natural vistas . . . all of these can be found at their finest in this lovely Italian city. I was really impressed by how creative and well-kept public recreation areas were. The many fountains are just one example (aka my favorite example) of this feature.

Title is from the song "Fountain" by Sara Lov.

Marilyn Monroe drowning in a fountain

Cadorna station. It was pretty, but it smelled.

Plenty more pics (seriously, tons) after the jump!


The most gorgeous hair on the planet

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II--the classiest shopping you will ever do

Vegetable sculptures!

This amphitheater is made of old wrought-iron chairs!

A glass library in the middle of a city park

We were there during carnival, and there was confetti EVERYWHERE

NBC tent outside of one of the major runway shows

Just a pony in the park. Super normal.

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