February 16, 2012

Get Discovered on Nine to Phive!

Would you like to see an ad for your blog, product, or service featured on Nine to Phive.net?

So would I! The blogging and art communities are very important to me. If your blog or small business is related to art, fashion, faith, travel, etc., here are two ways that you can sponsor Nine to Phive:

Design an ad with one of the following sets of dimensions and send it to ninetophive@yahoo.com:

(250x150) or 2''x3.5''

(145x145) or 2''x2''


Just send me a photo in the correct dimensions, and I will gladly create an ad for you.

We can discuss pricing options, or we can just arrange a swap! You feature my ad on your blog and I will feature yours as long as you do.

Email me if you are interested!

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