February 4, 2012

7 Perks of The Lonely Hearts Club

It's official! The countdown is down to ten days until the arrival or the holiday surrounding which there could not possibly be stronger emotions--good, bad, or otherwise.

I have to admit that, being married, it's often easy for me to forget all of the drama and emotions that comes with searching for a date for Homecoming, Christmas parties, and most heart-rending of all--Valentines Day. This is an entire day the world sets aside to celebrate love and relationships. In fact, in Spain, it's not even called Valentine's Day, but rather Dia de los Enamorados (Lovers' Day).

Every year, people (mostly females) who don't happen to have any sort of "lover" to speak of on Valentine's Day vent on Facebook and in their personal diaries about how much they loathe the annual event. We'll call these ladies The Lonely Hearts Club.

I would like to ask, what's to loathe? What is wrong with being a proud member of The Lonely Hearts? In fact, why be lonely at all? Be a proud member of the Single Ladies! Well, I guess if you're not a lady, that's a pretty good reason . . .

Possible names for the club of proud single "persons":

Matchless Matches
Ridin' Solo
Me, Myself, and All These Other Guys
All Your Singles Are Belong to Us
Solitaire Champions
Soy Soltero (Eh, it's a Spanish joke. Be sure to mention in the comments if you get it!)

This might sound kind of shallow coming from a married person, but I promise there are perks to your situation! You have a whole new pool of options when it comes to how you spend your Valentine's Day. Some people call it "ways to be your own valentine."

Here are some things to celebrate about being single this year:

1. Finances

Flowers, chocolate, champagne, evening dress, hair appointment, fancy restaurant, monogrammed "his and hers" toothbrush holder . . . whatever! Whether you're the dude or the dudette in a relationship, there are plenty of expected expenses come V-Day. Talk about a pressure to perform!

2. Food.

You don't need to watch your weight or attempt to look dainty while eating spaghetti (Lady and the Tramp got it right). You can eat what you want how you want to. Try a pizza with all your favorite toppings or a sub sandwich fixed just the way you like it. Something that you can indulge in that might not be kosher to eat on a romantic date. It will make you feel powerful! And full . . . it might taste better if you share it . . .

3. Friends.

Romantic love isn't the only kind of love out there, you know. If you don't have a "significant other," use this day as an opportunity to get closer to the truly significant people in your life (probably the similarly single ones who won't be busy shopping for chocolates). Get together and make great party snacks, watch chick flicks, do hair and nails, and talk about your V-Day angst.

Dudes, I'm not worried about you. I know you don't need to be told to get together and eat chicken wings, drink mountain dew, and play Modern Warfare 3.

4. Family.

See above. Who loves you more than these people?

Here's an idea. If your parents (like many mature married couples) have gotten to a point where all of the commercial expectations of the holiday have gotten to them, why not offer to help them celebrate by blessing them with a nice homemade dinner and dessert? I know for a fact that your mom with love not having to cook and your dad will love not having to pay for it.

5. Freedom.

Hello! You can do what the monkey you want this year! (That was for you, Allie Stewart.) This goes beyond food. It applies to your whole life! You don't need to go along with your date's plans. You don't even need to run your plans by your date! Because your date doesn't exist! Sorry, this sounded more encouraging in my head . . .

Anyway, enjoy the ability to spend this day doing the things that make you feel special, but don't forget to make someone else (anyone else) feel special, too. Now, that will really make you feel great.

6. Faith.

Have you been remembering your First Love lately? I know firsthand how easy it is to forget. Let the loneliness that might creep into your heart today push you into the arms of your best friend and the lover of your heart. Do you have any idea how well He knows you? He knows how bummed you are about being single right now. He knows if the desire of your heart is to get married someday, and he knows not only who is the right person for you, but when is the right time for you.

Why not keep busy by trying out a new devotional or some good Christian literature? Or you could just cuddle up in your pajamas and spend some quiet time praying and listening. God knows your heart. Celebrate His love by getting to know His.

7. Fab Tunes!

Stay tuned for a singleness themed playlist that will blow your mind!

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