January 14, 2012

What I Wore: Here Comes the Sun

Josh thinks he's cuter than me, so we put it to a test ;-)
I feel terrible posting this in light of the "apocalyptic" weather plaguing my peers back in Rochester, but such is life, no?

Well, in Avila, it is sunny, sunny, sunny. Whatcha gonna do?

In all honesty, this poses a little bit of a problem (nothing compared to that posed by your car being buried in pounds of precipitation, of course.)

My problem is as follows: While wearing a dark-colored down winter coat plus gloves, scarf, and hat in the wee hours of the morning might seem like a good idea on one of Avila's 30-degree mornings, the minute I step out into the sunshine of midday, I regret the decision and melt into a bubbling puddle of tepid goo.

The name of the game is therefore what?

Remember that time that my hat was the same color as the wall behind me and therefore didn't actually exist?

You got it. Layering! Yay!

Wear lots of things that can be flung off and tossed over an arm or shoved into a purse when the heat of the day gets to me. Score 1 for Jessica!

I love dressing for the day here in Avila. It forces me to put so much thought into what I wear. I have to be warm, but not too warm later on. I have to look mature and polished, but still me. I have to wear cute shoes to blend in with the stylish population (eight-year-olds in oxfords, no joke), but I need to be able to walk comfortably.

Dressing for class in Rochester will be a breeze after this! Just like athletes will come to low-oxygen places like Avila and struggle through breathing at the high elevation so that breathing when they run back home will be a walk in the park. Haha! Endurance training--fashion style!

American Eagle jeans, Target jacket, Charlotte Russe shirt and tank, Walmart hat and earrings
For anyone who cares, I am feeling much more cognizant today, although I still feel (and kind of act) like I'm dreaming. Mucho tired.

Also, my darling parents Facebooked me today to say that I was much funnier than usual in yesterday's "Awkward and Awesome Thursday (Friday)." "Thanks, Mom and Dad, I'll just get buzzed on antidepressants more often since I'm so unfunny when sober . . ."

Also also, praise God for keeping my sister safe during the three-car accident caused by the snow yesterday.

*Gasp!* You know why yesterday was so strange and dangerous for everyone?

It was Friday the Thirteenth! OoooooOOOoooooOOOOoo!

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  1. That picture of josh is so funny, but not at all cute..you definitely win that bet! Haha so funny though..love it!


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