January 3, 2012

Secrets to Great Second-Day Hair

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Ladies (and some gents, I'm sure), you know what I mean by second-day hair. You know all about that second day after which you would have normally washed your hair but didn't because you stayed up all night, your alarm clock didn't go off, you were too busy making breakfast/doing laundry/letting the dog out, etc.

Well, however you got here, here you are with second-day hair. Do not despair! Your lovely locks need not give away how hectic your life really is right now.

You have some options concerning ways to style your hair without needing to shower:
  • Put it up! Easy enough. You probably do this anyway, but let's be more creative
  • Wear a headband! Hides greasy, flaky, or dull roots
  • Wet it! Often, just giving your hair a chance to dry as it naturally would will fix any styling problems
  • Don't overdo it! I'll give you some ideas for products that you can use to prolong the life of your hairstyle, but using too much product will always always always make your hair look heavy and dull.

RULE OF THUMB: Do not touch, scrunch, tease, or otherwise fiddle with hair once it starts to dry. Applying your products and styling your hair while it is still wet and then leaving it alone will promote sleek, frizz-free styles. This, of course, does not apply to heat-treating hair. You should always wait for hair to dry before using a curling iron, flatiron, or blow dryer.

Now, for some secret weapons in your battle against second-day hair:

1. Mousse

If you shop around, you can find one that will do wonders for your particular hair. This particular product is designed to help your hair retain shape while staying soft and shiny. Applying a generous amount can liven up dull hair and tame flyaways. I am incredibly partial to Aussie's mousse and would recommend that you start with them. Their "Catch the Wave" mousse is engineered specifically for girls with curly hair! Their "Opposites Attract" collection is also designed to give your hair strong hold and soft touch.

2. Shine Serum 

Aussie's "Catch the Wave" mousse has leave-in conditioner built in, so I rarely have to use a shine serum, but when I do, I am always delighted by the results. When applied while hair is still damp, a good shine serum will tame frizz and promote shine, but don't try applying it to dry hair. You'll end up frizzy and greasy.

3. Powder

By powder I mean any of the product pictured above. What you'll be using this as is a drying agent for any greasy buildup you may have accumulated overnight. If you are a blonde, baby powder will work just fine. Brunettes are better off using a bronzing powder. Bronzer will probably work for red hair as well, but in my days as a redhead, I have learned that blush works well for me. Simply apply a generous amount to your roots, massage it into your scalp a little bit, and brush away the excess with a makeup brush. You could, of course, just use a dry shampoo, but these always leave a heavy residue in my experience.

4.Charmeuse Silk

I have not personally gotten around to trying this trick, but every stylist I've ever asked says that sleeping on a genuine silk or satin pillowcase will keep your hair from tangling and getting frizzy overnight. What a relief that would be! Amazon is currently offering one that will fit most budgets. Give it a try and let me know how it works! Maybe it will be worth it.

Happy second day to you! And may your hair be forever cooperative.

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