December 9, 2011

What I Wore: Pre-Winter Wharf

Thrifte blazer, Rainbow tank, American Eagle jeans, Payless shoes

I have from the above images deduced two disturbing truths:

1) I have yet to master the art of keeping both eyes open when a picture is being taken.
2) Posting pictures of the nasty November pre-Christmas weather devoid of snow is very sad in light of the fact that we finally got some accumulation this morning!

Anyway, here are some other pictures from the Seneca Lake rest stop where we took a break on a little road trip to visit family with Mom and Dad. This town is such a big part of my childhood. My memories are filled with experiences in this lakeside community en route to my grandparents' home in Canandaigua.

We were told to expect sunny and 60, so we all look (and were) a bit under-dressed for the chilly weather.

Dad needs stretch breaks for his back. I think it's cute :-)

Lovely Mommy and Daddy

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