December 13, 2011

Live Well, Dress Well: Escaping the Sweatpant Slump

I'm sure this is very relevant to those of you who are currently (like me) in the thick of finals week.

The greatest piece of advice that I can offer you about dressing under pressure when all you want to do is crawl back into bed is this: RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO WEAR SWEATS. Nothing communicates, "I am just a hot mess this week," like wearing sweatpants and a ratty hoodie to a class or exam.

Dressing up--or really, just dressing at all--gives an automatic confidence boost for whatever you're about to tackle that day. You can sit at your desk and rest assured that even if everything else is crazy and out of your control, at least you know that you look put together.

Some relaxed, yet stylish wardrobe items:
  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • Tights/Leggings
  • Jeggings
  • Sweaters
  • Boots/Booties
  • Crop Tops
  • Ballet Flats
  • Babydoll Tees
  • Tank Tops

Outfit Option 1: Jeans
You want baggy? This is how a fashionista does baggy. You know you have them--that one pair of jeans you've had for years that are so comfortable you almost feel guilty wearing them. They can't possibly look good on you. Guess what? They look a jillion times better than your sweats! Wear them with an edgy crop top over a colorful tank. As for shoes, flat's where it's at! These ballet flats with black bows are so comfy there one step above slippers. Win!
Outfit Option 2: Jeggings
I insist on making a distinction between this fashion enigma and actual pants. As iffy as I may be about the status of jeggings in an outfit, I have to admit that they are super comfy. The look pictured below is one of my favorite "templates" for winter and fall fashion. Oversized sweaters are not only out-of-this-world comfortable, but they are also totally "in" this winter. Pair them with a complimentary scarf and a pair of flat boots for the ultimate relaxed fashion statement.

Outfit Option 3: Dress
A dress is an outfit in and of itself! What could be easier? Pull a cute one over your head, cozy up with some leggings (sweater leggings would be great if you go to college in one of the poor, unfortunate places where they actually get winter), add a cute pair of boots (not Uggs), throw on your cute winter coat, and you have yourself an outfit, my friend!

The jury is in and the word is out! It can be just as easy, comfortable, relaxed, low-key, hassle-free, etc. to dress "fashionably" as it is to dress like a frat boy who just rolled out of bed.

Rejoice and be glad! Except now that you know, you have to actually go do it . . .

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