December 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: FINALS WEEK!

  • Having an 8:00am final. Every. Single. Day. This. Week.
  • Classical and Modern Rhetoric essay exam? Sixteen handwritten pages later . . . Check.
  • Finding out that one of my friends here at school graduated with my cousin who is now stationed in Okinawa. Small world?
  • Showing up late to couples counseling . . . can't you go to hell for that or something? Haha.
  • The people who think that you need to have severely traumatic and life-altering issues to go to counseling. Yeesh. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone listen, you know?
  • Enjoying a  lunch of cookies, pretzel sticks, and a clementine. Not the most filling/healthy meal I've had all semester. Hey, there was fruit in it.
  • This girl . . . grrrr, this GIRL . . See there's this one girl . . . we don't get along.
  • Ten-page Old Testament paper on marriage metaphors due tomorrow!
  • GAW-geous photo shoot with Kelly on Monday! Everything was lovely. Beautiful warm day, beautiful studio, beautiful me in crazy high fashion makeup :-D
  • Christmas gala. There were bongos!
  • Ultimate finals week food combo: sushi and mango lemonade. Fish oil reduces anxiety and depression, and vitamin C keeps us from getting sick. Well, yeah, I guess it does kind of taste good, too.
  • Cookies at work. Can also be awkward. See above.
  • Late-night study breaks in the library or dining hall. Yes, thank you, I will have a taco and a cheeseburger at 11:00 at night.
  • Back rubs from the sweetest husband ever.
  • My first Christmas present from the sweetest Paige ever! Nothing beats a cornbag when you don't currently own a heating pad or anything like that.
  • The semester being 100% over at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

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