November 9, 2011

Fashion Report: Imaginative Patterns

This post features some of my favorite creative reimaginations of tried and true classic wardrobe patterns. These fabric patterns are absolutely chic and wonderful, but they're so time-tested that they can get a bit dull. Seriously, how many new ways could there possible be to style plaid?

Many of today's personal style bloggers are paving the way for weary fashionistas grasping for unique ways to reinvent classic prints.

I now present to you the best of flirty floral, pretty polka dots, luscious leopard, and perfect plaid.

Florals are the number one go-to for any girly wardrobe, but many of us just aren't into the princessy purples, pinks, and pale blues that dominate the world of flowered prints. Tamara (Tam) of Word[ad]dict opts for oranges, browns, and creams with a few touches of teal, bringing a mature, autumn-inspired feel to the outfit. This color palette bridges the fashion gap between romantic flowery getups and a casual chic ensemble. Not to mention that there are not nearly enough floral pants in the world. What a gorgeous and creative outfit!
In Her Stilettos

Polka dots are a very common element of classic lady-like style (very Hepburn-esque), and they are especially popular in the fall. Diya of In Her Stilettos throws so many trendy elements into her pretty polka-dotted outfit that I am almost dizzy with delight looking at her. The sweater and cuffed shirt add an element of preppiness to a classy polka-dotted dress, and the fur vest takes it to a whole new level of girly grunge. I absolutely love this look.

Fashion Distraction
Leopard print is typically associated with more of a glamorous night-out look. You know, little black dress and leopard pumps? Marcella of Fashion Distraction, however, has brought the perfect Bohemian vibe to a large-print leopard dress. The roomy flow of the fabric and the less busy print tone down the fierceness of a typical leopard dress, but majorly up the earthy sweetness :-). Fashion win.

Le Happy
Plaid is one of the more over-worn prints in fashion today. Between bohemian babes, hipsters, and Hollister addicts who feel like they're branching out by not wearing a sweater or long-sleeved T-shirt, plaid shirts get their share of time out of the closet. At Le Happy, a dull plaid shirt is nothing more than a creative canvas for an array of B.A. style smackdowns! An oversized jacket and messenger bag make this outfit a bit more androgynous and much more gritty while the maxi skirt, floppy hat, and lace cami peeking out bring out a more feminine quality. I adore how eclectic this look is! It takes the lumberjack/cowgirl aesthetic of a plaid shirt and weaves into an ensemble that cannot be described as anything cliche . . . it is just plain stylish.

Take this post as a challenge. How can you remix wardrobe staples such as plaid and leopard? What hidden potential lies untapped in your polka-dots and florals? I know I'm inspired. How about you?

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