December 1, 2011

Fashion Survival Kit: Bottoms

Josh and I are attempting to live on as little as possible while in Spain for five months. This not only includes spending incredibly sparingly while overseas, but it also means packing very lightly. This shouldn’t be a huge problem for Josh who owns only two pairs of shoes and a similarly meager wardrobe, but it will be a bit of a sacrifice for me . . .

However, I am looking forward to the challenge of making fashion statements with minimal resources. This is a little series I’ve started on the items that will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean with me and will be my only clothing companions for five months. In the future, look for posts on tops, shoes, and accessories in my fashion survival kit.

I always think it’s interesting seeing what people’s priorities are in terms of clothing options. Post responses, if you would!

Keep in mind, these are the only bottoms I am taking to Spain.

1. Dark-Wash Skinny Jeans

I don’t think these require a lot of explanation. You can literally wear them with everything, and I plan to. Mine are extra long, so I can wear them regular or cuffed. Having access to a pair of nice skinnies just makes life easier.

2. Skinny Cargo Pants

More unique and definitely not for everyone, but I like that. As far as I’m concerned, these can be dressed up or down, making them very versatile. A nice alternative to denim.

3. Wool Dress Pants

You never know when you’ll need to make an impression. A well-fitting pair of dress pants can take you far in terms of classiness. Also, I’ve heard that the standard of dressing is much higher in Spain than it is in the US. People will change into nicer clothes just to go to the grocery store. I might as well practice dressing a little more maturely. Wool for warmth. Avila gets cold!

4. Pencil Skirt