October 17, 2011

Live Well, Dress Well: Shop Fall's Hottest Colors

“Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art.” ~Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute~

Is this an excellent quote or what? It's so true that an artfully constructed outfit combines classic neutrals with eye-catching brights in order to make the biggest impact. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute have scanned the runways for the most commonly reoccurring colors of Fall 2012 and have noted a healthy combination of colorful and neutral options.

Completely unrelated, but Leatrice is an incredibly cool name, and she has an incredibly cool job from the sound of it.

I realize that the season is about half-over, but that is why I think it is important to begin shopping vigorously for items in these colors!
  1. You only have a few more weeks to show off how well you rock the season's colors.
  2. Fall's "hot" items will begin to go down in price as the season wears to a close.
  3. Nothing was so trendy in the way of colors this season that it will be unwearable or even unfashionable in future seasons.
Take advantage of shopping late and the game and save yourself some money on these hypnotic hues!

Phlox (bright purple with pink undertones) and emberglow (orange coral) are everywhere from Nordstrom's to Target right now. You can find them on yoga shorts and purses or in lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles. You should have no problem snagging some serious deals in these trendy yet timeless shades.

Cedar (gray-based olive green) has a similar story. Many clothing lines featured lots of military-style clothing in this shade. Military is another great fall trend, so pairing the two would be a great money-saver.

Honeysuckle (dark bright pink) is apparently "the color of 2011." It's popularity has led to it being readily available in many affordable department stores. It also makes a lovely lipstick shade, but I personally find it to be the ideal color for a sexy maxi dress.

Cofee liqueur and nougat need no explanation. If you can't find brown and taupe fashion items at a good price, you might be colorblind. No offense if you are ;-). I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Deep teal is one of my favorite colors and one of Josh's favorite colors on me. Double win! I love how flattering it is as well as how easily it translates from high fashion to everyday wear. It and bamboo (light mustard yellow/tan) have been popular in many indie fashion communities such as Etsy and Modcloth for some time now. Hit up thrift stores for these colors if you're feeling ambitious. They are also excellent options if you're looking to try colored denim this year.

Quarry and orchid hush are going to be the sneaky ones. They are challenging to find purely because they are so unique. Quarry is a light gray-blue and orchid hush is literally the palest shade of lavender you will ever wear. Despite the difficulty in finding items in these colors, success will be very rewarding, as both are incredibly elegant. I might even try thrifting for orchid hush. It seems to me it was popular among stay-at-home moms in decades past :-)

Without a doubt, there is a shopping spree colored in various shades of trendy out there that fits your budget. Personally, I am okay with being just a little bit behind trends because that works for me financially. Already, I am planning a trip to a bag sale in one of the ritzier suburbs in the city. I am so psyched to make out like a bandit with all of the trendy cast-offs!

That sounds thoroughly unglamorous, but I am pumped, nonetheless!

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