October 23, 2011

This is Art: Middle Eastern Mystery

The headline on USA Today's website read "Haider Ackermann Turns Fashion Into Art." I cocked my head to the side and made a "Hmmmmm?" sound, not understanding. Hasn't fashion been a form of art since its inception as a social phenomenon? Although, I do have to admit that Ackermann's appraoch to fashion is much more grounded in the deep imaginative beauty of clothing than it is influenced by the trend entanglements of the industry.

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I soon found out, however, that Ackermann is a fascinating character not only because he is an artist. It seems he is taking Paris runways by storm with his Middle-Eastern-inspired styles.

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His gowns and pantsuits are elegant and sumptuous, and more impressively, modest. It is so inspiring that Ackerman is able to channel the conservatism of diverse world cultures to bring an enchanting quality to Western runways. Models sported billowy chiffons and satins in scintillating earthy tones. Instead of the age-old stilletoes which commonly populate the fashion world, these women wore classy and gorgeous oxfords. The mystery and intrigue of the draping fabric provided an irresitible sensuality that has been lost in the revealing styles of the day.

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I loved the world-traveled ease manifested during this year's fashion week. Cultural literacy is so attractive to me as Josh delves deeper into the world of languages and we both look forward to a semester in a foreign country. Ackermann is a design giant for acknowledging the forgotten virtue that world cultures beyond the western world have to offer.

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