October 26, 2011

Kirk Cameron Celebrity Stalked On His Birthday

Apparently, since most child actors like "Growing Pains" star Kirk Cameron who continue in the entertainment industry throughout their lives get involved in all sorts of hijinks and questionable behavior in their adult years, the media is forced to make up "scandals" about the people who remain relatively chaste as they grow up.

Photo credit: Lane Chaplin via Twitter

This photo went viral when someone snapped it at Cameron's 41st birthday celebration at a church in Bellflower, California. The press was apparently appalled at the poorly attended gathering.

Oh, the horror! Kirk Cameron didn't have a multi-million-dollar birthday celebration! With every Hollywood A-lister in attendence! Pity him! How will he ever eat all of those subs by himself?

Seriously, this seems like the least sensational piece of news since ever. People simply have nothing better to do than creep on the actor-turned-evangelist and speculate about what a terrible person he must be to have held a birthday party where hardly anyone came. I mean, I have my own thoughts about televangelists, but get some real news! And a life, while you're at it.

The full story is coming out from party attendees (yes, there were attendees) who say that everyone was crowded behind the camera when the picture was taken. "Everyone" being 10-15 of Cameron's friends who had organized the birthday observance.

Shocking, right?

You can get the whole story here, but I basically just told you everything. There's scarcely a story here.

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