October 18, 2011

This is Art: Bike Parkour!

I'm sure this is not the actual name for the spectacle you are about to witness, but it works for me.

This is Danny Macaskill. He is from Scotland (win), and he is a cycling innovator. Not only is what he does with his body and is bicycle inarguably artistic, the music accompanying these videos and the filmography of the cameramen (who are probably just friends of his) are very inspiring and well-done as well.

In this first clip, Macaskill is exploring inner-city Edinburgh with his bike. This video will help you understand why I view his amazing skill as bike parkour. I love the reactions of people who peek over the edges of buildings to make sure that he's not dead.

While very different, this second clip is also very visually interesting. It depicts his journey home from Edinburgh to his native town of Dunvegan, Scotland. This clip is very rural and seaport-focused, depicting more of the landscape I typically associated with Scotland. For some reason, I don't picture them as having an overwhelming number of cities.

Two things: Dunvegan is a funny name for a town. It's like, "I'm done with vegans." You know? Also, that is an actual castle he is jumping off of at the beginning.

These clips make me excited to be an artist, excited to get super fit (hopefully), and really really excited to go to Europe :-)

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