October 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Art Gallery

  • Going back to classes. It felt like school was out for good there for a bit . . .
  • Feedback in Oral Interpretation class today: "I was really distracted by your outfit. Like, I had to look away in order to enjoy your performance. It was just like, wow, she's wearing purple tights." Yes, thank you, ma'am, I was not planning on presenting my piece on that particular day because I was aware that I had left the house looking a little sketchy. Now, I'm all embarrassed. Boo hoo.
  • The "breakup" text one of Rachel's silly friends sent me from her phone. I was legitimately scared for a moment! It's not working out with Rach and me? Oh, no!
  • Shopping for flights to Madrid. We so do not have this kind of money . . .
  • Facilitating a First Year Seminar scavenger hunt in the library today. Like, searching for books and articles instead of cool stuff. Is it just me, or does this not sound like the funnest thing in the world for freshman students?

  • Tonight's trip to the art gallery and SPoT Coffee. Gosh, I love art, and I love coffee shops. They're even better together. The image above is of a portrait made out of colored spools of thread. Ultimate DIYer!
  • Having so much time to beast through homework and blog stuff! Yay, break!
  • Reading Anna Karenina like a boss. By the time this semester is over, I will have read an entire Russian novel, yo. This book is like the first soap opera! I love it.
  • Writing for the Beacon ;-). Planking and blogging have been the topics of my last two articles. Yup.
  • Chaider. Chai. And. Cider. Together. Heaven in a cup. IC suicide.
  • Getting a copy of the DVD of Live 2011. I signed for the show. Hopefully I'll be posting the video soon :-)
  • Finding out that IC patients qualify for handicapped stickers. So that's how they park closer to the bathrooms . . .
  • Tomorrow already being Friday

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