September 16, 2011

Love My Look: Stryker

This is Stryker. I work with him at the library . . . and yes, that is his real name.

Stryker is one of those despicable people who was born with fashion in his genes. I also attribute his chicness to the fact that he was raised by awesome parents. How do I know that his parents are awesome?

Because they named him Stryker.

Now, Stryker is capable of looking effortlessly stylish 100% of the time. In fact, I'm not sure if he's capable of not looking effortlessly stylish. I could have snapped the above picture at any moment of any day and he would have looked just as simultaneously laid back and put together.

This ensemble provides an excellent framework for creating simple yet stunning outfits. Normally in "Fashion Inspired By . . ." posts, I would just create an outfit for gals, but since Stryker is a dude, I've created what I think will be a helpful sample outfit for guys as well.

For the Ladies:

Instead of going with Stryker's classic cardigan, I reinterpreted the look to include this fall's varsity jacket trend. I'm not sure why, but the stripes on his sleeve reminded me of a letterman. This cute one from Urban Outfitters which is designed especially for women would look great with a plaid button-up peaking out from underneath it. Don't forget the too-perfect-to-not-wear-with-everything cognac Sperry's!

For the Gents:
What could be easier? Snag a preppy v-neck sweater and then slip into your favorite jeans and boat shoes for a classy take on the all too easy t-shirt and sneakers combo. I absolutely love this unique pair of Sperry's from Famous Footwear. The "salt washed" navy blue has such a great vintage vibe.

Isn't this a great framework to operate from this fall when you're on your way to an 8 AM class and have no time to put any effort into a runway-worthy getup? I, personally, am a fan.

Thanks for the help, Stryker!

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