August 12, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Isn't this picture a gem? I just saw these two cuties (who happen to be Hannah, my best friend in the world, and her new husband, Kevin) standing next to each other at their reception with enormous smiles streaming across their faces, and I thought I'd snap a picture. The next thing I know, Kevin has an arm around her, grabs her hand, and plants a big wet one on her lips. Above is the adorable result.

I may not be quite ready to be a wedding photographer (although this was great practice), but I am pretty proud that I captured this moment :-)

Have you ever heard of contra dancing? The name comes from the Latin "contra" meaning "across." This is because it is a type of dance in which the men and women usually start out across from each other and then come together for cute little movements and tricks at the suggestion of a caller (kind of like in square-dancing.)

It is so fun and romantic! This is the type of dancing the young people would do during the galas before the Civil War. Dances like the Virginia Reel fit into this category. And the dancing at Hannah and Kevin's reception was all contra dancing!

I had a ball. Josh danced with a couple bridesmaids and I danced with Hannah's adorable cousin from Belgium. Josh and I both got too tired before we had a chance to dance with each other . . .

The table numbers. Kevin is a car nut and he actually takes his old Camaro to races.

Hand-sculpted clay replicas of the bride and groom. Um, whoa!
If not for my hubby's propensity for taking pictures of inanimate objects, where would pictures of all the cute details of the wedding come from?

Enjoy your happily ever after, Hannah and Kevin! I can't wait to be a part of it with you. You know what? Your anniversary will be exactly a week before mine every single year from now on. Maybe we'll go on a cruise together or something one year :-)

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