July 11, 2011

Are You Not Entertained: The Delightful Deathly Hallows (Beware of Spoilers)

Thrifted lace cut-out top, Charlotte Russe olive tee,
DIY shorts from thrifted trousers, American Eagle sandals

So I snuck a "What I Wore" in here, too. Sorry to surprise you. The title was getting too long!

Well, the book in my tender grasp serving as a nice summer accessory is, of course, none other than the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You probably think that I'm doing what all other Harry Potter fans are currently doing--marathons! Watching all the movies! Reading all the books! Brushing up on all things Harry before it all ends this Friday!

Actually, I am reading The Deathly Hallows for the first time.

You see, before this past May 30th, I had never before seen a Harry Potter film, read a Harry Potter book, played a Harry Potter video game . . . you get the idea. I came from one of those families who didn't want their kids growing up thinking that some kinds of witchcraft were healthy and good.

Anyway, I then made it my summer project to journey through the entire series by the time the final film came out on July 15th. The plan was to read a book and then watch the movie ad infinitum until I was finished. Of course, life happened, and I sometimes ended up reading the book after the movie and I actually skipped parts of The Order of the Phoenix (shame on me). Nevertheless, here I am, about to emerge on the other side of a wonderful adventure in the mind of a brilliant author.

I so regret that I was not able to be a part of this cultural phenomen as I grew up, but I am also grateful that reading the books as an adult meant that I could better appreciate them as works of art.

P.S. The movies are pretty 'meh' compared to the books.

Did I fail to mention that this was the best book I have ever read?

Since getting married, I've been a bit of an emotional wreck, and things that I used to be able to enjoy stoically now move me to tears. I've cried over plenty of movies and songs, but this was the first book that has ever moved me to tears. That, my friends, is using the power of words in the way which God intended. Anything less is betraying the gift of language. Joanne Rowling, you are a witch in your own right. You have mastered the magic that is the English tongue.

Let me just say that I have loved Snape ever since The Sorceror's Stone and have been waiting for the magical moment when we find out that he is actually a good guy. The foreshadowing of this fact was too strong to ignore. When Harry began to explore Snape's memories through the Pensieve, I felt a lump growing in my throat every moment that I continued to read. And when Snape showed Dumbeldore his doe patronus representing Lily!

Oh my word . . . I was a goner. I bawled all the way through the rest of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Anyway, I am off to purchase tickets for a midnight showing. Josh and I were going to attend the premiere dressed as Harry and Ginny, but he has to work and I'll be going with my little sissy instead. How sad. Ah well, Halloween next year, right?

I kind of look like I'm still crying in this last one . . .

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