June 14, 2011

Remember to "Do Art"

This morning I was distracted by my refrigerator. How many people can say that?

Most days I go to work between 11am and noon. This means that in the time between dropping Josh off to work at eight and reporting to my place of employment I am expected to get some things done. Enter the to-do list:

I'm not sure why, but this list amuses me. It doesn't seem like your typical list of tasks. I mean, who really needs to be reminded to cut their nails?

Most of these objectives are simple enough. I'm off to Target to buy a spice rack. I have a little collection of about seven trillion or so spices that I like to cook with, and they desperately need a home. I need to buy a new Tracfone today to replace the beautiful and well-loved flip phone that I personalized with Mod Podge some time ago that has now gone missing.  I need to do some dishes, "some" being the key word. That's usually Josh's territory. And I need to make brownies for the nice girl at work who washes my dishes for me when I get too busy and says she will accept payment in chocolate.

And then there's "Do art" and "Write" perched unassumingly and laughably in the middle of my to-do list.

It was actually Josh's idea to add these to my list every single day. It's absolutely precious the way that he acknowledges how vital to our happy marriage my creative livelihood is. I melted into a pool of bubbling butter when he said to me out of the blue,

"Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to go to work and you could just sit around in coffee shops and book stores and just do art?"

In case you weren't sure, yes, this would be very cool. So for the sake of our collective sanity, I am required to have my "coffee shop" moments devoted strictly to art each morning.

Today I focused on the artistic cutesiness of my friend Paige and the adorable refrigerator magnets she made me before she transferred to another school. These were made by using Mod-Podge to attach magazine clippings to magnetic rectangles. (Sigh, Mod-Podge makes me think of my lost phone.)

This is a picture of Josh's to-do list marked by Paige's magnet that says "Remember." Josh's list is much more legit than mine. It has important things on it like getting the car fixed, paying bills, and making an appointment to get his wisdom teeth out.

A lot of Paige's magnets (like the ones above) have themes. The top one was focused on circles while the one beneath was focused on lines.

And love is always a good note to end on <3

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