June 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Modeling Go-See

  • The cell phone that I just bought that was made in 2001. I think I'll be returning it.
  • Waiting for my car's oil to get changed and then finding out that the job was cancelled because my oil pan gasket is leaking . . . whatever that means.
  • Not getting mailed invitations to my best friend's wedding because whoever is mailing them out assumes I know everything already. I gave the girl a sexy nightie at her church shower and now all I have left to give her at her lingerie party is a couple floor lamps! 
  • The conversation coming from the booth next to me. "It's not my problem if he wanted to go to the ball pit by himself." "I should be consoling you. You're the one who's daughter is dead." "I wish I brought my butterfly cane. This one is ugly."
  • Seeing the amazing Dennis Johnson of The Father's House at Panera and stopping myself from saying "hi" upon realizing that he has no idea who I am.
  • Getting lost in a parking garage in the city with no cell phone.
  • Using a foreign taxi driver's cell phone to find my husband. 
  • Buying a fruity little non-alcoholic drink that cost more than a whole meal at Taco Bell. (okay, that was actually kind of awesome. I felt all grown-up)
  • Asiago roast beef sandwich, broccoli cheddar soup, and an iced chai latte from Panera Bread Co. Foodgasm!
  • Stopping in at hubby's workplace to say 'hi' and get kisses over lunch.
  • Spending much of the day at my new full-time job--writing in public places. That's why I'm typing away in Panera right now. Free WiFi!
  • The way the world smelled during today's afternoon cloudburst.
  • Watching short films I made in high school (also a bit awkward, I guess)
  • The mad ritzy hotel where I auditioned tonight. The decor was all black, white, pink, and purple. So chic!
  • Taking off my incredibly painful heels after the casting call.
  • The amazing family Josh and I met tonight. The mom is a sweet deaf lady; the dad is a part-time software technician, woodworker, ASL interpreter, and magician; and their son is a fifteen-year-old model and actor. You bet I friended them on Facebook.
  • Joshy being just as anxious waiting for the call-back as I am!
  • Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for Xbox. So funny I could die. That character runs exactly like Jack Sparrow!

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